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Good-luck of beginning

  • Автор:Xuan
  • Отпустите на:2021-02-19

On February 18, 2021, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, we call this day the seventh day of the first month. Legend has it that this is the birth day of mankind, i.e.the birthday of man.According to folklore experts, this reflects the ancient Chinese working people's desire to pray for good fortune and peace.

 After the Chinese New Year, XY-GLOBAl hasstarted its work for the mew year as usual. In order to make the company emoloyees more enthusiasticin the new year, each of employees said a blessing with the word "cow"to express their wish for a smooth work in the new year. In addintion, the company also issued "work start red packets"and organized various games to stimulate everyonr's enthusiasm.

 This series of activities created a happy and relaxed working atmosphere for everyone,which is also a new year and a new start.We believe that XY-GLOBAl will be "bullish"and "turn around new opportunities'in the new year!

XY-GLOBAL specializes in die casting, metal injection molding and CNC machining, as a one-stop supplier, we have extensive experience in manufacturing 3D printed machine parts,medical device parts, telecommunication parts, if you are looking for a leading die casting supplier in China, let us provide you with competitive quotation and delivery time.