Advantages of zinc alloy die casting

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Advantages of zinc alloy die casting

The design and development of die casting of zinc alloy, die casting is a kind of precision casting method which uses high pressure to force the metal to melt into the metal mold with complex shape, is a precision casting method. The zinc alloy die casting industry in China is mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, but in terms of technological maturity and the whole post-process processing level, the Pearl River Delta is still far better than Wenzhou. Industry analysis, do high-quality zinc alloy products preferred Dongguan die-casting factory, Dongguan die-casting manufacturers and small processing plants with incomplete statistics as many as one thousand! In the domestic die casting industry ranked first! Due to the low threshold of the industry, so to a certain extent die casting processing plant can be said to be a bit of flooding in Dongguan, which has their own family to get a few rooms to get some equipment began to engage in die casting processing. But there are plenty of companies that have become industry benchmarks. Zinc alloy die casting is not like other forming processes. If you want to make good die casting products, you can not have a good die casting machine. It must be the combination of mold, die casting machine and die casting process to make good products. The product characteristics of zinc alloy die casting are as follows:

1. More than heavy, more weight texture, more strength than plastic injection molding.

2. Good casting performance, can die casting complex shape, thin wall precision parts, casting surface smooth.

3. Surface treatment: electroplating, spraying, spray painting.

4. Melting and die casting do not absorb iron, do not corrosion pressure, do not stick to the mold.

5. Good mechanical properties and wear resistance at room temperature.

6. Low melting point, melting at 385℃, easier than aluminum alloy die casting molding.