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CNC Machining

Looking for a reliable rapid prototyping and production partner? We can help. Get an online quote with free analysis in hours for quality parts within days.

  • Online instant pricing & Free DFM
  • Rapid prototype as far as 2 days
  • Tight tolerance controllinto +/- 0.01mm
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From Prototyping to Production

Leveraging extensive manufacturing expertise, xy-global offers optimal solutions for rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing requirements. Our streamlined approach condenses the innovation cycle into four precise and efficient steps.

Flexible Design Iterations

Flexible Design Iterations

Creating low volume manufacturing allows for more efficient verification of design, engineering and manufacturability.

Short Turnaround Times

Short Turnaround Times

Tooling is a cost-effective solution for precision components manufacturers, enabling them to handle orders quickly and flexibly, with no minimum order quantities.

Close the Production Gap

Close the Production Gap

Low-volume pilot runs bridge the gap between prototype and production, identifying and resolving any issues before entering series production.

Reduced Time to Market

Reduced Time to Market

Low-volume manufacturing services, coupled with Custom Machining Services, optimize the connection between production, supply chain, and consumers, ensuring fast time-to-market for new products.


Small Molded Parts within Days

Our complete CNC aluminum service will accompany your aluminum machining project from the prototype construction to the end aluminum parts manufacturing.

Common Materials

Machining service at XY-GLOBAL offers a wide variety of materials that can be machined using technology, including our CNC machining service. XY-GLOBAL provides custom CNC machining services and machining quotes for more than 30 engineering-grade plastic and metal materials.

Name Description Feature
Aluminum Excellent thermal and mechanical qualities; Lightweight and flexible Lightweight
Low cost prototypes
Brass Brass High strength and corrosion & temperature resistance; Aesthetic appeal Corrosion resistance
Aesthetic appeal
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Excellent thermal and mechanical qualities; Lightweight and flexible Lightweight
Low cost prototypes

We can source any other materials upon request! If you don’t see the material you need please contact us

Surface Finish Selection

You may pick from a variety of secondary operations that create final production parts, such as heat treating, tapping, reaming, and post-process machining.



  • Provides protection and corrosion resistance.
  • Enhances conductivity.
  • Offers uniform coating.


  • Wide range of color options.
  • Covers surface defects.
  • Extends part lifespan.


  • Increases hardness and aesthetics.
  • Provides multiple color choices.
  • Achieves uniform oxide layer.


  • Quickly removes dirt.
  • Enhances coating adhesion.
  • Suitable for various surface treatments.

Why Choose Us?

XY-GLOBAL, in collaboration with leading CNC milling companies, provides seamless solutions, from prototyping to mass production, ensuring fast, high-quality results and enhancing your brand with our robust capabilities, comprehensive services, and stringent quality control.

  • Can make up for the risk of large capital investment before mass production.
  • Diversified production materials and styles.
  • Customers can grasp the production details at any time, and understand the production progress at any time.
  • Some other features can be added to the parts in production, which are not restricted by the mold.
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