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Aluminum alloy die casting cleaning

Aluminum alloy die-casting parts can be made into aluminum die-casting car parts, aluminum die-casting car engine pipe fittings, aluminum die-casting engine cylinder, aluminum die-casting gasoline engine cylinder head, aluminum die-casting valve rocker arm, aluminum die-casting valve seat, aluminum die-casting aluminum die-casting power accessories, aluminum die-casting Motor end cover, aluminum die-casting housing, aluminum die-casting pump housing, aluminum die-casting building accessories, aluminum die-casting decoration accessories, aluminum die-casting guardrail accessories, aluminum die-casting aluminum wheels and other parts.

How to clean aluminum alloy die castings?

1. To remove runners, overflow grooves and their burrs, punching is usually used. After punching, there is generally no manual work. When the punch is difficult to remove, it can be removed by hand, but it must not cause lack of meat and deformation.​​

2. When the product needs to be refined, it can be polished with a grinding machine, a grinding wheel grinder or a polishing machine, and the parts that are not in place are trimmed with a scraper and a file.​​

3. When the aluminum die casting is deformed, it can be corrected with special molds and equipment. After correction, annealing or aging treatment should be required.​​

Aluminum die-casting plays an extremely important role in mechanical operation and car travel, so we must pay attention to its internal quality when purchasing or finishing, so as to ensure our long-term use.