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Comparison of thermosetting plastic materials


Bakelite is the first variety of plastics to be put into industrial production. The chemical name of Bakelite is phenolic plastic. It has high mechanical strength, good insulation, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, so it is often used in the manufacture of electrical materials, such as Switches, lamp holders, home appliances, electronic instruments, instrument cases, etc., “Bakelite” got its name from this.

 Bakelite powder is a thermosetting plastic, which undergoes a polymerization reaction when heated during the injection molding process. Through the action of a cross-linking agent (or called a bridging agent), chemical cross-links are generated between molecular chains to form a tight network-like structure. Therefore, it is a class-like polymer.


The cross-linking reaction is to react the linear polymer into a network-like polymer. The polymer after the cross-linking reaction will probably have the following characteristics:

(1) Reduced elasticity

(2) Increased hardness

(3) Loss of thermoplasticity, that is, becoming a thermosetting polymer

(4) Not easy to decompose


Bakelite powder is a molding material based on phenolic resin, with a relative density of about 1.4. It has high heat resistance, acid resistance and water resistance. It is mainly composed of phenolic resin and fillers.

Feed→ClampingMold fillingSolidifyTake out the product


The Chinese name of BMC is bulk molding compound. BMC is a molded intermediate material for manufacturing glass fiber reinforced thermosetting products by a semi-dry method. It has excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties, heat resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance. It is also suitable for various molding processes and can meet the performance requirements of various products. Mainly used in electrical appliances, motors, radios, instruments, machinery manufacturing, chemical equipment, construction, transportation, national defense, etc

BMC (unsaturated polyester fiber reinforced bulk molding compound) is an abbreviation for Lass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester thermosetting plastic.
It is a reinforced thermosetting plastic that is currently used in large quantities as an unsaturated polyester thermosetting plastic.

1. Short molding cycle, can be molded or injected, suitable for production.
2. A large number of fillers can be added to meet the requirements of flame retardancy and dimensional stability, and the cost is low.
3. Complete products can be molded as a whole, and inserts, holes, platforms, ribs, tabs, etc. can be molded at the same time.
4. Compared with common thermoplastics, the products have higher heat resistance, insulation, elastic modulus and other properties.

Molding conditions of Compression molding of BMC (DMC) is done by adding a certain amount of molding compound to a preheated. A certain amount of molding compound is added to the preheated mold. Molding pressurized and heated, and then solidified and molded.

Graphene Composite Materials

Graphene composite material is a thermally conductive material composed of graphene and polymer materials. It has the same heat conduction and heat dissipation effect as aluminum. It can quickly export the heat of the heat source and radiate it to the external medium. It can replace aluminum for various heat dissipation. sheet, radiator. It is light in weight, excellent in flame retardancy, heat resistance, and weather resistance, and has low material thermal expansion coefficient and molding shrinkage rate. It is suitable for LED, electronic and electrical, automotive thermal management and other fields.

Graphite composites are two-dimensional carbon nanomaterials in which the carbon atoms are hexagonal honey combinations with sp² hybrid orbitals.


1. 30% lower density than aluminum, greatly reducing the weight of the product

2. good flame-retardant performance, will not be destroyed by open flame

3. one-time molding, no need for secondary processing, freedom of design

4. super weather resistance and resistance to acid and alkali corrosion

Simple molding process, no secondary processing, high freedom of formulation adjustment and design High freedom of formulation adjustment and design, can adjust the relevant physical properties according to the requirements to produce complex shapes.

Material testing

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