How to maintain aluminum alloy die casting mold

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How to maintain aluminum alloy die casting mold

When the aluminum alloy die-casting mold is out of use, it must be regularly repaired, cleaned and maintained to effectively prolong the service life of the die-casting mold. So how does the volume cube die-casting maintain the aluminum alloy die-casting mold? When the aluminum alloy die-casting mold is removed, the die-caster must hoist it to the designated position and place it, and the die-casting mold repairer will carry out the following maintenance and maintenance.

1. Clean the die-casting mold (including the slider, cavity, core, exhaust system, etc.) to ensure that the die-casting mold is clean and unobstructed.

2. Wipe the oil on the mold and cooling water pipe.

3. Repair or replace the cores and ejectors with bends, cracks and breaks.

4. For the damaged die-casting mold, after the repair plan is determined by the relevant personnel, the die-casting mold maintenance personnel will repair it in time. After the repair of the die-casting mold, the pressure test can be carried out after the inspection of the relevant personnel and confirmation of the qualification. 

5. Die-casting mold maintenance workers must regularly inspect aluminum alloy die-casting molds and make records at the same time. When repairing or replacing cores, they should also make records.