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How to remove burrs from mechanical parts?

Burrs are an inevitable product of metal cutting processes. It not only affects the appearance of the part, but also the quality of the product, and brings hidden danger and danger to the subsequent assembly.

1. Electrolysis method

This is the use of electrical and chemical energy to dissolve the anode and remove the burr. The turbine flowmeter part is connected to the positive anode of DC power supply, and the molding tool is connected to the negative cathode of DC power supply, keeping a certain space between the two poles to allow the electrolyte to circulate.

Electrolytic deburring machine can be used. When the production batch is small, fy4t.3 can be turned into a simple device by converting AC power to DC power through a rectifier.

According to the structure of the part, a special attachment similar in shape to the part is made of a material with good conductivity such as brass or purple copper, and the original part is coated with epoxy resin for isolation and protection.

2. Chemical method

Clean metal parts into a chemical solution, the metal on the surface of the part will be transferred to the solution in the form of ions, these ions gathered on the surface of the workpiece, through a chemical reaction to form a layer of high strength, low electrical conductivity of the liquid film to protect the surface of the workpiece from corrosion, burr protruding from the surface, chemical action to remove the burr using the principle of electrochemical reaction, can automatically and selectively remove the metal material made of parts burr.

3. High temperature method

The parts to be deburred are placed in a sealed chamber, and then a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen at a certain pressure is passed through it. Spark plug ignition, the mixture of gas instantaneous explosion, releasing a large amount of heat, the instantaneous temperature of up to 3300C or more, due to the explosion time is very short, the parts on the burr are burned off, the rest of the parts too late to replace

4. Roll milling method

A certain percentage of the workpiece and abrasive into the closed drum, in the drum rotation process, the dynamic torsion sensor parts and abrasive grinding to remove burrs. Rolling deburring equipment are special deburring machines and centrifugal polishing machines. Abrasives can be quartz sand, wood chips, alumina, ceramics, dolomite, silicon carbide, metal rings, etc.

5. Manual removal methods

The traditional method is manual use of steel, sandpaper and abrasive heads for grinding; cutter gradually replaced these traditional methods, easy to use and convenient, no technical processing, cost saving, environmentally friendly.

6. Ultrasonic method

When the ultrasonic energy generated by ultrasound is used in a low vibration state of the liquid, it will be torn into a fine cavity (i.e., the internal vacuum). This phenomenon is called cavitation. Ultrasonic deburring is the use of “cavitation phenomenon” generated by hundreds of atmospheric pressure of the instantaneous impact to remove the burr attached to the components.

Ultrasonic deburring is not suitable for all burrs, but mainly for small burrs. In general, if burrs need to be viewed under a microscope, ultrasonic deburring can be attempted. For burrs visible to the naked eye, the main concern is the bond strength. Burrs with weak bond strength can be treated with ultrasonic waves. In general, burrs that can only be treated with tools cannot be treated with ultrasonic methods

7. High pressure water jet method

This can use its instantaneous impact to remove burrs and flying edges produced after processing, while achieving the purpose of cleaning. After several trials, the appropriate pressure was finally determined to be 30MPa-50MPa. if the pressure is insufficient, the deburring effect will not be achieved.

Usually, the hydraulic pressure in use is within 20MPa. Burr residues that cannot be removed at 50MPa pressure have little chance of falling at a few MPa of working pressure.

Nowadays there are more and more manufacturers of high-pressure water deburring equipment, which is simply divided into two main categories: mobile type with workpiece and mobile type with nozzle. Mobile workpiece type low cost, suitable for simple valve body deburring cleaning.

The disadvantage is that the nozzle and the valve body are not ideally matched, and the deburring effect is not good for cross holes and oblique holes inside the valve body, the mobile nozzle type is controlled by CNC. Can effectively adjust the distance between the spray and the valve body to produce burr bit, effectively corresponding to the valve body cross hole, oblique hole, blind hole burr.

8. Heat treatment method

Thermal deburring is the most advanced deburring process for large quantities of small workpieces recognised in the global machinery manufacturing industry. It uses a mixture of gas and oxygen in a closed studio to treat the workpiece, instantly igniting the combustion winding, which in a very short period of time causes a violent thermochemical reaction with the burr on the surface of the workpiece, thus achieving the purpose of deburring.

Thermal deburring is a special process with high efficiency, versatility, accessibility, uniform and thorough deburring and a clean surface of the workpiece, regardless of the material of the workpiece, its shape and location. Burrs.

Due to its extremely high processing efficiency and low direct production costs, it is particularly suitable for large-scale continuous production environments and is the ideal high-efficiency processing equipment for large-scale industrial production.

9. Freeze trimming method

Rubber, plastic products, zinc-magnesium-aluminium alloy and other products of the flying edge (or flying edge) thickness is much smaller than the thickness of the product, so the flying edge (or flying edge) embrittlement rate than the product

In the product embrittlement (or flying edge) and the product is not embrittlement of this period of time, refrigerated deburring (trimming) machine through the projectile impact products, remove the embrittlement of the flying edge (or flying edge)

The freezer deburring (trimming) machine uses the ultra-low temperature of liquid ammonia to quickly break up burrs on products such as glues, plastic products and zinc-like aluminium alloys, and in this state, jets the frozen particles into a high-speed strike on the product

Can remove the product burr (or burr), to achieve special deburring (trimming) equipment, both high quality and efficient removal of product burr (or burr), but also to retain all the physical quality. The properties of the product itself remain unchanged and the precision of the product trimming (deburring) can be greatly improved, with a high degree of intensification.

10. Magnetic deburring machine

The magnetic deburring machine uses its special field distribution to produce a powerful and hidden induction effect to remove the burr, remove the oxidation and the knotted office, especially for complex shapes, porous cracks, internal and external lines, etc., more hair according to its wonderful use.

In addition, it does not hurt the surface of the workpiece, does not affect the accuracy of the workpiece, instantly make the workpiece clean and neat, a new look, this method is suitable for gold, silver, silver, aluminium, zinc, magnesium, iron, stainless steel and other metals and hard plastics and other non-metallic workpiece grinding and polishing

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