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Large die casting equipment

Large-scale brings technological innovation to integrated die-casting. What are the technical points of integrated die-casting? There are as follows:

①Material: Large-scale die-casting equipment relies on heat-free aluminum alloy materials for integrated die-casting technology.

②In terms of equipment: large-scale die-casting equipment is an integrated die-casting machine, which has high requirements on the clamping force of the die-casting machine. The die-casting machine has technical barriers for custom design and development and relatively high capital expenditure.

③ Process: Since the integrated die-casting technology is in its infancy, it is necessary for the die-caster to have rich experience and technical accumulation in the production process to ensure the yield of mass production.

④ Mould: Large-scale die-casting equipment is an integrated die-casting part with complex structure, high manufacturing cost and short preparation period, which puts forward higher requirements for the production of die-casting molds.