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Medical Device Manufacturing Companies

XY-GLO BAL is dedicated to the medical industry, providing superior mechanical components to match the reliability and performance of your medical industry products. In the medical industry, reliability is extremely important. We understand the potential negative effects of medical device failures, which is why we are committed to producing the highest quality, reliable medical devices. We create value-added solutions for our healthcare customers through partnerships, engineering expertise and innovation. Our experienced team delivers viable products to the market with superior quality.

Technological advances in the medical field require the development of innovative medical devices and instruments for the diagnosis and treatment of disease and overall improved patient care. Medical device companies must balance the need to create more efficient medical devices while also striving to keep healthcare costs low – leading many medical device companies to outsource manufacturing to one-stop custom manufacturers who provide a full range of services starting with concept and engineering and continuing through supply chain management.

We work with leading medical and dental manufacturers to provide components for a variety of applications, including precision surgical devices, telemedicine devices, diagnostic devices, dental devices, Disposable surgical supplies, Medical Equipment And Supplies, Medical Parts Manufacturing.

Many medical device companies partner with XY-GLOBA because we can provide them with the degree of functionality they need to deliver unmatched performance and wear resistance – whether it’s a disposable product or a lifetime implant.

Because processes such as MIM, CNC, and die-casting contribute to the successful manufacturing of medical devices and equipment, we have extensive experience throughout the industry. Medical device companies rely on our expertise in these processes for their manufacturing needs. XY-GLOBAL has been providing fully assembled frames and aluminum housings for medical devices and machinery to various medical device companies. Extensive manufacturing capabilities provide complete parts for final wiring and completion for a range of applications used in the medical industry, including medical equipment and supplies. Our ability to shape surgical devices and equipment, telemedicine devices, diagnostic devices, dental devices, and even implants makes us a valuable partner for medical device companies. Some of our process capabilities include:

● Tool shafts

 Surgical Chassis

  Trauma Plates

●  Extremity braces

  Dental appliances

  Knives and scalpel shafts

●  Surgical instruments

  Medical testing equipment

  Disposable surgical supplies

Our company has a rigorous process for every step from production to mass production. If you need custom related products, please contact xy-global.

We have a dedicated engineering team to solve your problems and obtain high quality on-demand parts through professional prototyping and production capabilities.

Instant quotes and automated DFM analysis can be completed online in seconds, and quality parts can be delivered in days.