Notes on the use of precision punch

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Notes on the use of precision punch

Notes for daily use of precision punch equipment:

1. When starting the precision punch every day, please pay attention to the overall safety inspection of the equipment and visually check whether all the connecting bolts are loose.

2. Fully lubricate the precision punch according to the lubrication requirements of the manual, and pay attention to whether the lubrication system of each part is smooth.

3, please keep the air pressure between 4-5.5kg /cm2.

4, after each adjustment (pressure reducing valve and check valve), special attention should be paid to closing.

5. Check whether the electrical system is damp, whether the insulation is reliable, and whether the electrical appliances are in normal position. If there are abnormal conditions, do not disassemble the line without permission, please check the use according to the electrical wiring diagram.

6, air pressure device oil sprayer (oiler) often maintain the amount of oil, in order to avoid solenoid valve or other faults.

7. Check whether the pneumatic clutch brake device of precision punch press operates normally and whether there is excessive wear.

8. Check whether all screws and nuts are fixed.