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Optics barrels: high quality production

A lens barrel is a structure used to mount and hold a lens, usually in optical equipment such as cameras, telescopes and microscopes. Its main function is to support the lens and to ensure the stability of the position, angle and orientation of the lens, thus guaranteeing the quality of the image. The quality of the Lens barrel therefore has a direct impact on the imaging performance of the optical equipment.

The Lens barrel is usually made up of several parts, including the fixing ring, focusing ring, focusing ring, aperture ring, diaphragm, screws, etc., each of which has its own unique function. The fixing ring is used to fix the lens, the focusing ring to adjust the direction of focus, the focusing ring to adjust the focal length, the aperture ring to adjust the size of the aperture, the diaphragm to prevent light scattering and interference, and the screws to connect the various parts and enhance stability.

The Lens barrel is usually made of aluminium, plastic and titanium alloys, with different materials having different advantages. Aluminium has high strength and corrosion resistance, while plastic is lightweight and easy to work with, and titanium is both strong and lightweight.

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The Lens barrel manufacturing process

Raw materials: The raw materials used in the manufacture of lens barrels are usually aluminium, stainless steel, copper and other metal materials. In the preparation process, material selection, cutting, cutting and other processing procedures need to be carried out.
Heat treatment: the aluminium alloy material is heat treated to improve its hardness and strength and to give it better mechanical properties.
Drilling: The lens barrel is machined to the required hole diameter and depth. This usually involves multiple drilling and chamfering processes.
Grinding: The surface of the lens barrel is ground to the required smoothness. This process requires high precision grinding machines and abrasives.
Surface treatment: The lens barrel is oxidised, anodised or painted to improve its surface corrosion resistance and aesthetics.
Assembly: The various components are assembled to achieve the required shape and structure, including the lens, optical components, focusing ring, aperture ring, etc.

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