Protection and maintenance of die-casting molds

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Protection and maintenance of die-casting molds

Modern surface engineering technology is applied to the surface treatment of die casting mold, which greatly improves the surface performance of die casting mold, has long-term effect, solves the problem that cannot be solved by traditional technology, and is the pioneer of die casting mold surface treatment.

In the die-casting industry, problems such as the die-casting process caused by the die-casting mold, corrosion, low production efficiency, and even mold damage caused by the die-casting mold have always plagued the die-casting enterprise

This method uses ionic coating technology to deposit a metal-ceramic film on the surface of the mold. The film is resistant to abrasion and corrosion. Since the materials used in the film are incompatible with metal solutions such as aluminum and zinc or do not react, the mold performance of die castings can be greatly improved without adhesion. For example, a factory’s aluminum alloy die-casting, product quality requirements are very high, due to the sticking mold phenomenon, it takes an hour to grind the mold at a time, after surface treatment, the mold comes down for eight hours, it is easy to clean.

In zinc alloy die casting, because the zinc alloy solution is easy to react with the mold steel, some molds in the mold test stage corrosion phenomenon, after surface treatment, because the zinc alloy solution and the mold has no direct contact, completely eliminate this situation, extend the service life of the mold, improve production efficiency and product quality.