The advantages of CNC precision machining parts

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The advantages of CNC precision machining parts

CNC precision machining is a kind of equipment that uses computer control to process precision parts. What are the advantages of CNC precision machining parts?


1. Multi-axis control linkage: Generally speaking, three-axis linkage is more commonly used, but through some adjustments, there will be cnc precision machining centers with four, five, seven, and even more linkage axes.


2. Parallel connection of machine tools: The functions of common machining centers are also relatively fixed. The machining center and turning center or vertical and horizontal machining centers can be combined to improve the processing range and processing capacity of the machining center.

3. Tool damage alarm: Use some technical detection methods to detect tool wear and damage in time, alarm, replace tools in time, and ensure the quality of parts processing.


4. Tool life management: unified management of tools working at the same time and multiple tools of the same tool to improve production efficiency.


5. Machine tool overload power failure protection: According to the load setting degree of the production process, when the load reaches the set value, the machine tool can automatically power off to protect the machine tool.

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