Types of Injection Molds

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Types of Injection Molds

Injection molding is an integral process for creating plastic parts for several applications. This technique requires a host of materials as well as different types of injection molds. These injection molds are generally classified based on their features, including feeding system, number of cavities, and mold plate.

Every mold used for injection molding fits a label within each category. For instance, you can have a three-plate mold that has a cold runner system and multiple cavities. Therefore, it is crucial to understand each of the types of molds in injection molding to choose the right one for your projects.

All components have unique designs. Thus, your choice of mold will depend on the plastic parts you need to make. In this article, we will discuss the different types of injection molds and what they entail. Before we dive into that, let’s examine the various components of plastic injection molds.

Why Are Injection Molds Necessary?

Custom mold design offers several advantages in plastic injection molding. Some of them include:

Limitless Possibilities

Injection molds make it possible to manufacture virtually anything, ranging from medical devices to high-end mechanical components. Depending on your applications, various molds can be chosen to make your project faster and more efficient.

Material Selection

Although most plastic resins are ideal for injection molding, they don’t have the same qualities. Some plastics are more prone to shrinkage than others. Therefore, mold type and design often take into account the kind of plastic materials in question. The type of mold chosen will greatly impact the final result.

Product Consistency

Injection molding tooling designs can help you reduce manufacturing errors significantly. Most parts of the process are automated, increasing the accuracy of products and eliminating human error. As a result, you can improve the consistency of end products, even in large volume production runs.