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What Is Wire EDM?

Wire EDM (wire EDM) is a process that works by continuously feeding a wire electrode under tension in a vertical axis. A discharge voltage is applied through the wire electrode, through a dielectric fluid, and into a grounded workpiece. The workpiece moves in an XY plane to trace a cut pattern through the material. This erosion can begin at the outer edge of the workpiece or a hole can be drilled first as the starting point for a closed cut path.

Wire EDM uses a thin electrode wire controlled by a CNC to cut or shape a metal workpiece. The wire is electrically charged, and sparks form between the wire and the workpiece, melting the workpiece surface. Since the cutting wire never directly contacts the workpiece, there is no distortion of the cut path or shape of the material.wire EDM

At our facility, we offer state-of-the-art wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) services utilizing advanced slow wire EDM machines. Our equipment provides exceptional precision, with an accuracy of up to 0.002 mm. This high level of precision ensures that we can handle even the most demanding requirements for intricate and complex parts.

Capabilities and Features
Precision and Accuracy

  • Tolerance: Our slow wire EDM machines achieve a precision of 0.002 mm, making them suitable for extremely detailed and high-accuracy applications.
  • Maximum Cutting Angle: Our machines can cut at angles up to 30°, enabling us to create parts with complex geometries and varying cross-sections.

Specialized Cutting Techniques

  • Upper and Lower Irregular Shapes: We can produce components with different shapes on the top and bottom surfaces, thanks to our capability to cut at multiple angles.
  • Copper Wire: We use 0.2 mm copper wire for our slow wire EDM, ensuring optimal cutting quality and wire longevity for single-use applications.
  • Molybdenum Wire: For medium-speed EDM, we utilize 0.18 mm molybdenum wire, with the finest wire being 0.15 mm. This wire has a lifespan of 4-5 days, making it a cost-effective option for various projects.

Advantages of Our Wire EDM Services

  • High Precision: Achieving up to 0.002 mm accuracy ensures parts meet strict specifications.
  • Complex Geometries: Capable of cutting at angles up to 30°, allowing for the production of intricate and non-uniform shapes.
  • Material Efficiency: The use of fine copper and molybdenum wires allows for precise cutting with minimal material waste.

What Are the Best Wire EDM Machines?

The best wire EDM machine manufacturers are:

  1. Agie: Agie units are known for their reliability, accuracy, capability, and operator friendliness.
  2. Makino: Makino has a reputation for huge innovation and lower per-part costs than other market leaders.
  3. Brother EDM: Brother EDM makes simple, reliable machines that are practical for smaller workshops with lower throughput and budgets. Their precision is lower than the market leaders, but still quite impressive.

XY-GLOBAL wire EDM services are ideal for industries requiring high precision and complex part geometries, including aerospace, automotive, and medical device manufacturing. Whether you need prototypes, small batch production, or intricate parts, our advanced wire EDM technology ensures superior quality and performance.

This article introduces wire EDM, explains what it is, and discusses its different characteristics and factors to consider when using it. To learn more about wire EDM, contact XY-GLOBAL’s technical engineers.