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Anodizable die castings

OTHER configuration:

Special material die casting (anodizable)

1) Material: Aluminum alloy: pure aluminum, AL6061,AL6063

2) Process: Die-casting process

3) Surface treatment: anodized

4) Tolerance: +/ 0.1mm

5) Surface finish: <200 mesh Product

Product Description

product size chart or static pressure:

Product Specfications

I. Why is A380 not suitable for anodizing after die casting?

Why are 6061 and 6063 suitable for anodizing after die casting?

  1. A380 and ADC12 are not suitable for anodizing due to high silicon and copper content.
  2. 6061 and 6063 aluminum alloys are suitable for anodizing due to low silicon and copper content and high aluminum and magnesium content.
  3. Anodizing can increase the surface hardness and corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy.
  4. The anodizing process involves electrochemically oxidizing the surface of aluminum alloy to produce a dense oxide layer that forms a protective layer on the surface.