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Bakelite ring-Customized parts for coffee machine

OTHER configuration:

Raw material: Bakelite powder

Process: Bakelite injection moulding

Processing difficulty: None

Surface treatment: sanding, deburring

Applications: all types of electrical appliance housings, etc.

Product Description

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Product Specfications

Bakelite is the first variety of plastics to be put into industrial production. The chemical name of Bakelite is phenolic plastic. It has high mechanical strength, good insulation, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, so it is often used in the manufacture of electrical materials, such as Switches, lamp holders, home appliances, electronic instruments, instrument cases, etc., “Bakelite” got its name from thisBakelite powder is a thermosetting plastic, which undergoes a polymerization reaction when heated during the injection molding

process. Through the action of a cross-linking agent (or called a bridging agent), chemical cross-links are generated between
molecular chains to form a tight network-like structure. Therefore, it is a class-like polymer.
l The cross-linking reaction is to react the linear polymer into a network-like polymer. The polymer after the cross-linking reaction
will probably have the following characteristics:
(1) Reduced elasticity
(2) Increased hardness
(3) Loss of thermoplasticity, that is, becoming a thermosetting polymer
(4) Not easy to decompose