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Medical Silicone Caps

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Medical silicone caps are used to protect the ends of precision medical devices, tube ends and other protrusions.

Liquid silicone rubber injection tube

Viscosity (Pa.s): 400
Density (g/cm3): 1.07
Hardness A°:30
Elongation %:400

Tear strength (KN/m): 25

Liquid silicone rubber injection tubing excellent application properties: aging resistance, high tear strength, excellent permanent non-deformation, alkali resistance, acid resistance, good insulation, high permeability
Resistant to high and low temperatures: -50C~250C (can be up to 300C) good fluidity, easy to operate
Not limited by the thickness of the product (room temperature curing or heating curing) Dimensional stability, small linear shrinkage (<0.1), no volume change.
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