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Process Chamber

OTHER configuration:

Chamber Materials The materials used to construct the chamber, i.e., stainless steel, may be preferable due to its high resistance to corrosion.
Size A larger chamber may be needed for accommodating larger substrates or creating multi-chamber systems.
Pumping Speed The pumping speed should match the expected outgassing rates of the system. Turbo pumps or oil-free pumps may be preferred depending on requirements.
Ultimate Pressure Requirements This will depend on the required level of precision for the particular process being conducted; keeping low levels of residual gas is imperative where necessary.
Process Gas Compatibility Some materials react with certain gases in ways that may not support effective processing and achieving desirable results. Compatibility must therefore be determined.

Product Description

product size chart or static pressure:

Product Specfications

XY-GLOBAL provides customers with high-precision metal parts processing, to meet customer parts cleaning and surface treatment requirements, to achieve the whole process from machining to surface treatment, for the major semiconductor, photovoltaic manufacturers of services,

The company can provide metal processing and surface treatment, our company can provide aviation-grade aluminum alloy chemical cleaning, aluminum alloy anodic oxidation, passivation and cleaning of stainless steel, aluminum alloys and stainless steel nickel-plating, according to the customer’s demand for  professional surface treatment and cleaning for semiconductors and photovoltaic and LED manufacturers to provide parts processing, surface treatment, cleaning, repair and repair renovation of the whole service.